Channel Noir EP Un.

Officially released on 29th March 2019.

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Channel Noir EP UN


Released Friday 29th March 2019 ... a response to this day, Brexit day.


Four bands (English, Anglo-English, European/of the World), four singles ... four pieces of music that capture a 'feeling' right now. What is that feeling? Make your own mind up. Watch this one minute promo and get a hint, a taste, of four creative responses to what is happening right now.


Available in all digital formats, limited edition pre-order gatefold CD version also available, order here before Friday 1st March 2019:



The front cover depicts the coast line of England, the back cover the coast line of France (or each could be a soundwave).


And that 'feel', it is there in the lyrics from each band too:


One day they'll write a book on us

One day they'll make a film on us

One day they're gonna sing a song for us

With tears in their eyes

The Sadness Will Last Forever

Fake Empire

I don't know why I love you

But I love you anyway

I Love You



God don't need you

God don't want you for a martyr

Land Of The Summer



I got sticky fingers

England is killing me, but what can I do

It’s not the land of the free, it’s not all there for me and you

England Is Killing Me

The Music Liberation Front Sweden


Right at this moment here is the music ... give it a listen (order a copy of CD, it looks stunning), see if it captures something of what you could be feeling right now as we approach this significant moment in our history.

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