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Torps 2020 photo07_edited.jpg

Band Members

Razor - Guitars/Vocals

Ben - Guitars/Vocals

Elvis - Drums/Percussion

Shirley - Bass (ey)


Torpedoes were formed in 2002 in Portsmouth U.K with members Ray Fagan (Razor), Martin Woolf (Wolfie), Ben Prior and Van Norris.
In 2004 Martin Cook (Elvis) took over the drums from Van Norris.
The same year saw the release of debut single 'Twisted Love Song'.
This was followed by the album 'The Gong Show' released on U.S label Zip Records in 2007.
A new single 'Jesusphobia' 2009 was followed by the album 'Dark Times' in 2011 again on Zip.
2018 sees the release of new single 'Song For Europe' and the double vinyl album 'Black Museum'.
In 2019 Steve Burrell (Shirley) took over bass duties.
July 2024 will see the release of their long awaited 4th album
Heaven's Light Our Guide


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